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Apologies all around, but there just doesn't seem to be enough interest to warrant the event. Thank you for the replies though!


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    So, to join, I don't have to vote for the bridal cover. That's just a plug for your photography work?
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    Your heading says Feb 11th, but your description says Feb 18th. Which is it? My band could do it on the 11th, but not the 18th and I'd like to RSVP ASAP
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    DTylerPhoto;4223967 said:
    Well, this will either be extremely cool or an unimitagated disaster (which would still be fun to watch).

    My partner and I will be celebrating the start of the 2011 wedding season by hosting a pre Valentine's day Rock Band party/competition/costume party at our photography studio in Las Vegas and would like to invite a few dozen complete strangers to join us for Rock Band, which will be played on the equivalent of a 150" screen in our main shooting room.

    Since February is the top month for couples to pop the question, we're celebrating by giving away ten free photoshoots to contest winners! This can be anything from a family photoshoot, fashion or boudoir shoot, engagement shoot, maternity shoot, senior portraits, etc.

    In addition, my partner and I will be on hand with cameras and lighting to photograph you at your very worst throughout the night and will upload the processed images to a site where you can order prints online, download them and print at home, post to Facebook (or beg us to delete embarrassing photos of you belting out 'Free Bird')

    Winner details:

    - Best costume
    - Best of show
    - Best band (up to five band members and this can either be pre arranged or a pick up group)
    - Best singer (to be determined via score duels on random songs)

    Location: D.Tyler Photography (3200 S. Polaris Ave Suite 8)
    Time/Date: February 18, 2011 beginning at 7pm and ending sometime before midnight, when my chariot turns back into a pumpkin

    How to RSVP - due to size limitations, I'm going to limit this to 30 RSVPs, or I could see all kind of problems with having only two restrooms....

    We've never hosted an event like this before and if all goes well, might make this a semi-regular thing.

    How to RSVP: First, vote for Cover #1 at and then email myself (Sarah Werner) at [email][/email] with your name and any questions you might have and I will send out a confirmation email a week prior to the event.

    Lastly, I'd like to offer a 'grand prize' as well. Should our cover (cover #1) be selected as the cover for the next issue of Bridal Spectacular, we're going to give away a wedding photography package valued at $3000!

    Vote for cover #1 here: and while it's not mandatory, we would absolutely be honored if everyone showed their support and lent us a hand!

    Send in those RSVPs and we'll see you guys in February!!!

    I voted but noticed the voting ended the 20th...
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    I wish i had known about this before, i guess i have to get on here more often. I have a few friends that would have been interested in this. Maybe next time. But feel free to add me on PSN Nailed7 i play x drums/bass and h/x guitar.

    Maybe next time we can make this happen.
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    Cool man it's rocking man, i like to stay here and i vote.Concrete Contractor
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    My family is into Rockband big and this would have been a blast. I'll have to check the forum more often
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