Plans for Pro Mode by Harmonix for RBN?

BaltarBaltar Opening Act
edited December 2010 in The Rock Band Network
I know this information is out there, and sorry for making a new post about it.. but the forums are so cluttered, I really would just like a direct answer on this..

I've heard the phrase "RBN 2.0" used in the past.. Im wanting to verify if the plans for this are to allow charters and musicians to actually incorporate Pro mode Guitar and/or Bass on their songs. And when this change is scheduled to be happening.

With the lack of news about Harmonix's purchase.. Im honestly getting worried, not trying to be doomsday like, but, I would like to know if the potential for a quick influx of RBN songs with Pro Guitar is coming, if the worst were to happen with Harmonix. Im buying the Squier either way, just wanting verification.

Thanks dudes :)


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