Your Rock Band Epic Fail of the week


  • TheHundredDollarHeadacheTheHundredDollarHeadache Pedantic Broken Record
    edited December 2010
    FujiSkunk;4226606 said:
    Do you have to have the track pack? Can't you complete the goal simply by purchasing the related songs as DLC?
    The goals that are related to songs on that disc:


    - "Parade Your Snazz" - from "Holiday in Cambodia"
    - "Funk In Public" - from "Funk #49"


    - "Each Must Know His/Her Part" - from "Closer to the Heart"
    - (California Uber Alles counts toward "Buncha Punks")


    - "Understand about Competition" (also knocking out "Just Another Band Out of Boston") - from "Peace of Mind"
    - "Pompatus of Love" - from "The Joker"

    Disc is $20.

    You know what, I'm better off picking up the Mission of Burma and Dead Kennedys packs, "Funk #49", "More Than A Feeling", "Peace of Mind", and "The Joker", for my $20, and have a dollar left over so when I get my Bing rewards I can pick up "Closer to the Heart", "Rock and Roll High School", and "I Fought The Law".

    This will give me three more vox goals, one more guitar goal, and the rest of the bass goals. The three songs I'm getting later will provide the remaining drum goals.

    The true epic fail is that the game isn't updated with new DLC goals. This seems to be their way of saying "Hey guys, these old legacy DLC songs exist, they're still fun on legacy instruments, come on and buy them instead of the new songs we're breaking our backs to license and put keys and harmonies in". Oh well. At least the Queen Updated pack will count towards two goals that only specify playing Queen DLC.
  • AeonFrodoAeonFrodo Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    Alright, while playing Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One before online with others, I was on a roll with the song until... the guitar strap came undone in the middle of the song. So, I couldn't really pause the game and had to deal with the playing bass while holding up the guitar controller. Not only that, the person playing on Easy Mode Guitar somehow failed the song and I couldn't get 1/4 overdrive I needed to prevent us all from failing. To add further to my pain, the vocalist had a full bar of overdrive that could have been activated on several occasions to save the guitarist. What an epic fail.
  • KawalimusKawalimus Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    I played through Oh Yoko! in practice mode and hit a whopping 41% of the notes on expert pro keys. Ugh! I really wish I could do this one since I love the tune. It just absolutely kills my hand.
  • madillmamadillma Rising Star
    edited December 2010
    One word: LLAMA

    Trying to play through every song on Expert Pro Drums for goals. All you need to do is 3-star all of them to complete the song progress goal. I was 4-starring just about everything in the impossible tier with a couple 5-stars thrown in and then I got to LLAMA. Good God. I have only tried it once but I barely 2-starred it and it's hard to imagine I'll be able to improve on it enough for a 3-star. So that ONE fricking song is keeping me from completing the entire setlist on Expert Pro Drums. Boooo.

    I have 5-starred it on vox and bass, so at least it's not a total loss. I have yet to 5-star Beast and the Harlot on any instrument, although I have come very close with both bass and vox.
  • TheHundredDollarHeadacheTheHundredDollarHeadache Pedantic Broken Record
    edited December 2010
    This damn "Heading to Venus" goal is driving me nuts. Here's the procedure I'm going through:

    1. Turn on No-Fail
    2. Start goal
    3. Sit through a long-ass intro, two ****ing verses and two ****ing choruses
    4. Pick up guitar before solo
    5. Play solo
    6. Choke solo as I watch a little note whoosh by my note hitter
    7. Hit "restart song"
    8. Toss guitar down in rage
    9. Go back to 3

    Since my hands are sticky, I slathered Vaseline on them and the neck of the guitar. It sorta helped, instead of choking the first zig-zag I choke the second one, then the third. I might just be able to make it.

    The fail is on the part of whoever put the achievement in Lego in the first place.
  • lilfurballilfurbal Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    orioles35;4226664 said:

    So I got that resolved, then the "L" bracket kept falling down because it wasn't installed over the little "lip" on the drum kit post. So I changed that and in the process, the bracket/wing nut got stripped. So I got two rip ties, hooked them together and wrapped them around the post and "L" bracket.

    My cymbals seem to go down on their own and they are attached to the little lip. The pole slides through the bracket and you can't tighten them enough to keep them from sliding through. Poor construction really. I ended up stripping one of the brackets to realize that no matter how tight you make it it's unable to keep the cymbals up. I then just settled with putting black electrical tape around all the brackets to the poles. Now they're all perfectly in place.

    This really could have been designed better o,0
  • exploderexploder Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    I stille can't make a good gene simmons...somebody get me a formula!
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    Another drum failure for me. I realized during my second attempt at Roundabout X Drums that the red-blue section in the middle is all single and double paradiddles. Right after I discovered that, my drum **** the bed and the crowd meter plummets. I haven't gotten through the section yet, even though I can play the pattern. I dunno if I'm rushing the beat or what, but those diddles should not be giving me this much trouble!
  • TheHundredDollarHeadacheTheHundredDollarHeadache Pedantic Broken Record
    edited December 2010
    I looked through the pictures I took of my characters - or rather of the TV displaying the characters - and realized I'm still not happy with them to some extent. Looks like they're all getting deleted again and re-made, wasting valuable time that could be used practicing Pro Keys.

    Why couldn't they just let us change facial features of characters after creation?
  • Rich T.Rich T. Rising Star
    edited December 2010
    After many attempts, I've discovered that--aside from the "Come up Screaming" intro--I cannot sing a single line in "In a Big Country" and get anything higher than "messy."
  • coolkrunchcoolkrunch Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    There is no way I could ever 5 star every song in RB3 Expert using an instrument. So I've taken the easy way out and have gold starred or 5 starred 82 out of 83 expert on vocals. My epic fail is I just tank on Beast and the Harlot every time. It's so ridiculous! It's not even a hard song. To me that is an epic fail. Cause there's no logical reason for it!

    Never had problems going into vocal overdrive. I use the blunt end of a drum stick and lightly tap the microphone. Once in awhile a tamborine beat seems not to register, but that's probably just me out of sync.

    You guys that play instruments, way to go. I am so jealous. I play, but never at the levels you guys reach.
  • MooTrainMooTrain Rising Star
    edited December 2010
    I got 32% on Runaway by Bon Jovi on Expert Pro Keys! Woooo!!!!
  • RBB3ASTRBB3AST Rising Star
    edited December 2010
    Missed in last 15 seconds of killing moon
    oh my ffffff-----
  • orioles35orioles35 Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    Working my way through one of the Pro Drums goals last night (actually four, playing on Expert, meaning I'd get Easy, Medium and Hard as well) until I ran into that James Brown song...whatever you call it. Then running into I Need You Tonight...those off beat songs just wear me out. I think I was in the 70% range on the JB song. Glad I was playing alone.
  • chaoscontrolashchaoscontrolash Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    i tried to gold star Good Vibrations on vocals. the ONE PHRASE i miss is one i can usually get in my sleep. i choked epically
  • CCGPheonixCCGPheonix Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    Got 4 stars on Obfuscation.

  • FlyGuyLXIFlyGuyLXI Headl!ner
    edited December 2010
    Mother Nature's massive ****storm furthered my delay on purchasing the adapter.
  • coolkrunchcoolkrunch Opening Act
    edited December 2010
    Today's epic failure was my first try at playing online. Every one in awhile throughout the day I'd try to find a player. Around midnight a vocalist showed up but fixing a setlist was a nightmare and eventually they left.
  • rtekerrteker Unsigned
    edited December 2010
    for me it was playing Radar Love on prokey mode on medium thru expert just to try to get three stars cause there is no way I can get it 5 stars on easy :P, and i failed when it hits the areas that require you to hit both a black and white key at the same time... very tricky. best i can do is 2 and a half every time on medium thru hard, and 4 and a half on easy
  • lvmathemagicianlvmathemagician Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    I hate the pro keys part of Radar Love. I always fall asleep waiting for the next set of notes. Great song, dreadful keys chart.
  • Tykki-TemeTykki-Teme Road Warrior
    edited December 2010
    Well, this isn't excactly the fail of this week, but it kind of spans over several weeks.

    My pre-ordered Mustang had kept me waiting for six weeks. I had hoped to get it before the holidays, but obviously didn't. I left for my parent's place for three weeks to spend the holidays there. And what do you know, the guitar was mailed to my apartment's address a couple of days after I left. For nearly two weeks I've been anxiously waiting to get back to start playing. And to add insult to injury, I just had to go to a local store today and see the Mustang there.

    I'm hoping to get it on monday to end this streak of fail.
  • TheHundredDollarHeadacheTheHundredDollarHeadache Pedantic Broken Record
    edited December 2010
    lvmathemagician;4241149 said:
    I hate the pro keys part of Radar Love. I always fall asleep waiting for the next set of notes. Great song, dreadful keys chart.
    I hate the drum part too. I got gypped out of 5 stars on Hard - not even Llama holds this "honor", and Expert's ending is a mess. I actually attempt to play along to the bass part - one of the best bass parts - with my left hand, and accidentally play the note breaking my combo.

    On the topic of needless parts, Yoshimi's "bass" is exactly the same as the keys part, minus the stuff to do outside of the choruses. Managed to give me pathetic 3 and 4 star runs.

    GLARING OMISSION: I got those pathetic 3 and 4 star runs on PRO bass, making me restart like five times.
  • altik-0altik-0 Unsigned
    edited December 2010
    Got the Keyboard for Christmas, started playing around with Pro Keys, and got hooked.

    Took RB stuff over to a LAN party with friends. Found out that All-Instruments Mode doesn't work at all as I had thought. SO, instead of enjoying the experience, all my friends got irritated I only wanted to play the "****ty keyboard songs" and that one had to play drums or vocals all the time. >__>
  • TheHundredDollarHeadacheTheHundredDollarHeadache Pedantic Broken Record
    edited December 2010
    3 stars on In The Meantime. Expert Vocals. I swear, the singer isn't even in the same key as the instruments.

    Until we can hide performances on the website, I'll keep reporting these horrid performances, along with the fact that the website proudly reports all performances no matter how bad, as epic fails.
  • dschex199dschex199 Opening Act
    edited January 2011
    I'm not sure if this counts, but whatever...
    BOTH my RB1 and RB2 guitars broke, and not a single gamestop in my area has the RB3 Strat. So now I have to wait until I can go back over there, buy myself a $100 gift card, order it online, and wait some more.

    But I have my RB3 Keyboard, so at least I have something to do :/.
  • SirDavidTLynchSirDavidTLynch Headliner
    edited January 2011
    It's been a while since I've played vocals, and I think I'm a bit out of practice. After taking a sodding hour to pass "Reptilia", I decided to go down the list of RB1/2/LEGO/DLC devil-tiered songs. "Painkiller" went fine, but I failed "Somebody to Love" on the second to last phrase, then failed "Creepin' Up the Backstairs", at which point I decided it was getting kinda late and I should give it a rest.

    (on the other hand, gold stars on "I Love Rock n Roll" and "Oh Pretty Woman")
  • I8Snow4AuroraI8Snow4Aurora Rising Star
    edited January 2011
    TheHundredDollarHeadache;4226087 said:
    Dave Mustaine had Jackson, ESP, and most recently Dean signature models. Any of the Jackson King V's would be close enough to his actual Jackson model.

    The sad thing is that they do not have a Jackson Rhoads for "Crazy Train".

    To be honest, I was being just a tad facetious, but you know, I actually did create a character in RB2 named Davey Megadeth that I used quite often who was modeled after a young post-Metallica Dave Mustaine. In all seriousness, I have always loved how you could create characters in RB who closely resemble Rock icons. I also created Eddie Van Halen and Ronnie James Dio in the original RB, so nothing is too crazy or over-the-top when it comes to Rock.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
    edited January 2011
    phroxenphyre;4224769 said:
    For some stupid reason, I can't seem to FC We Will Rock You on expert drums as I invariably hit the rim of my snare at least once.

    In fact, I always seem to find a way to mess up even the simplest beats if they repeat for long enough.

    I had all kinds of problems with this as well. Turns out I was getting some kind of double hit, as I did 100% it.
  • tehfogotehfogo Unsigned
    edited January 2011
    So I decided to bust out the drums tonight at my New Year's Eve party and I only got to jam out to 5 songs before this happened during the drum solo of Queen's "One Vision".

    Hopefully with a little bit of gorilla glue and some patience, I'll be up and drumming again.
  • TheHundredDollarHeadacheTheHundredDollarHeadache Pedantic Broken Record
    edited January 2011
    Despite the fact that I can play Heart of Glass on the real bass in my sleep, I can't muster more than a 4-star performance on Pro Bass, no thanks to the cramped scale of the Mustang rendering me unable to keep a streak.

    I do like I always do when I am faced with a 4 star performance on Pro Bass - I restart or quit the song. I would rather have to play the song again and again, than look at 4 stars of mockery on the results screen, and 4 stars of shame on the site.
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