Is is possible for me to author/test a song locally on my xbox without cc membership?

DejasPerDejasPer Unsigned
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I'd like to get a feel for playing my creations on my own xbox before spending the money for creators club. I'm ok with not being able to share my song yet. Is this possible or is a cc account required to even test locally?


  • MarklefordMarkleford Opening Act
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    You need an XNA account, though for doing local testing only you can make do with a *trial* XNA account, which are moderately easy to get through educational sources, often for free if you have such contacts (e.g. Dreamspark, if that's still going).

    For full access to uploading and downloading songs from the Creator's site itself, though, you have to have a Premium XNA membership.

    - m
  • Xp3R1M3Nt4LXp3R1M3Nt4L Rising Star
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    Dreamspark is still going, I activated my account through it just a few days ago, and I'm loving it!

    I'm thinking of getting full access so i can peer test and maybe upload a few songs from a local band I know.

    For dreamspark, just find someone from college or University willing to lend you their email adress so you can activate it, its quick and easy, and well worth it I think.
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