band battle?

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I know RB3 removed vs mode from the game to focus more on this setlist speal but why not come up with a better apealing vs mode for people instead? why not make a vs mode against other bands? having different sections for either bands of 4 people or 3 or 2.... And of course solo duels..... Tug of war was an ok of an idea too but alot of people disliked it. so why not have it more along the lines of highest % of hit notes or anouther score match? Maybe some other innovative ideas may come into play with that many people going head to head... Like the game HORSE (every failed teamate adds a letter to the 'HORSE' whole the gameplay is set to were one miss note is tripple the negitive effect), something like this for a small example. There is so many possibilities!

Yes thats what the setlist feature can do but its not as enjoyable and compeditive if your just leasuring trying to rank in a high score to the setlist.... Kinda upsets me RB hasnt thought of this yet when were able to play together with these people over the consoles online feature but limiting it to 4 people... (more if u add more microphones....) imagine one song being played by 2 bands.... of a total of 8 or more people.

Anyways i am hoping a developer strolls across this and thinks about this suggestion.


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    If you want a developer to come across this, you might want to put it in the right forum.

    The removal of vs modes has been complained about ad nauseum and while I haven't been following the discussion I'm sure everything that is going to be said has already been said.
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