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Fake Plastic Drummer looking for recommendations.

I thought I'd throw this out there – I adore the drums and am always looking for more tracks, particularly of the cheap variety. I'm gonna share some of my favorite drums experiences and see if the hive mind can recommend some choice RBN tracks that I might not otherwise know about.

Let me just note: emphasis on fun, not difficulty. I can pass many songs on the higher difficulties, but don't care so much about the challenge as much as an interesting drum part that feels well-connected to the song.

Some favorite RBN tracks, to give you an idea of what I like:

Sunny Day Real Estate – Seven, the other SDRE
the Hold Steady – Sequestered in Memphis
In This Moment – Mechanical Love
Flogging Molly – Requiem for a Dying Song
Stroke 9 – Little Black Backpack
Band of Skulls – I Know What I Am
My Morning Jacket – I'm Amazed
Band of Horses
New Pornographers
Surfer Blood

Obviously I tend to enjoy the alternative and indie stuff, but I'm down for anything that's particularly fun and has a great sound. Here, to get the ball rolling, are a few of my favorite lesser-known RBN drum tracks:

Scale the Summit – Great Plains (probably the best drum track I've played on the whole platform)
the Gufs – Smile
Quartered – Africa
22-20's – Favorite Heartbreak
Noah Engh the Kid Fantastic – Buy You a House
Skindred – Stand for Something

Remember, bonus points for recommending awesome tracks that are only 80 MSP!


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    "Jam" by Philip Franco is a must-have as long you aren't a pro-drums person.

    Van Friscia songs are all very good as well.

    I'll add more as I have time to think more.
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    Get everything Children of Nova. While they're all really hard, they've got a great feel, are hugely varied and are a blast even if you do crappy.

    Fear Without Reason - Home has some pretty good stuff too, switches beats a lot and lots of fills.

    I generally don't actually like BTBAM very much, but Obfuscation is a ton of fun, its something new every 30 seconds and its intense, however, some parts are just a bit irritatingly hard more than fun.

    The Heist is also another nice track for drummers, the main beat of the song isn't overly complex but engaging enough, and it has a medium difficulty drum solo and a good intro.
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    -Obfuscation is currently my favorite drum chart. I highly reccomend it to any drummer looking for a good challenge and fun at the same time.

    -All of the Asking Alexandria songs are extremly fun on drums. You should check those out as well
  • NoThru22NoThru22 Road Warrior
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    Check out the songs on my Youtube for some good recommendations. I don't post any super-hard songs: http://www.youtube.com/user/NoThru22
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    "Done" by The Giraffes is a fun on drums, as well as everything else really: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BWyPx7jeJ8
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    For stuff that we've done:

    Voodoo Pharmacology - Minnesota has nice and funky patterns, and Fear Without Reason - Home is really difficult, but both are pre-Pro Drums.

    Lightwires - Magician and The Raspberry Ants - Janie are great if you like disco beats- Magician is a really broken and tough one, while Janie is really consistent- but if you hate those beats you'll hate them.

    There's the two Blue News songs- So Easy and You've Got Someone- if you want something easier. The Virginmarys - Bang Bang Bang and Yesternight's Decision - Dying Wish of a Living Man are both fairly simple until specific parts where they get nastier.

    We've got plenty of decent metal, like Highlord - Simple Man and Morgawr - Herlathing, but going by your list you're probably more on the indie/rock side of things.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    Instead of tell you what we have to offer, I'll show you. Everything we have now is a buck each, and for the most part is pretty fun on drums. Take a look through those, you might find something you like. :)
  • decyferdownrocksdecyferdownrocks Opening Act
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    Get I Want You to See by Justin Joseph Edwards. Kickass jazz tune with a very different and interesting drum chart. Also pick up You're Not Alone by a t o m. Really lame song, but the drum chart is extremely fun :) Both of those are only 80 points. There's also Head up High by Firewind (I had SO much fun with this one) for 160. If you like easier songs, buy Paralyzer. I definitely enjoy playing that one. If you can, also get both songs by Nonpoint. They're both very fun on drums as well without overwhelming difficulty.
  • J-Roc-DrumzJ-Roc-Drumz Rising Star
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    I don't remember how much these are. But some of my personal favs are.

    Shiver - Amy Courts (no chart vid for this, you'll just have to trust me)
    Whatever is Wrong With You - Marillion (the best easy song i've ever played, it has its moments too. Judging by what you're looking for, this one is definantly for you bro)
    Epic Symphony in A Flat Minor Marching Out - Van Friscia

    The other "Van Friscia - Epic Symphony in A Flat Minor Second Blitz" song is dope on drums. Those are both 80msp. The "Second Blitz" one is ruff though, but the other one is pretty awesome and laid back after the first 15 seconds or so of bass pedal madnness.

    Also a mention is "A Christmas Rock Medley". Even though it's kinda tough, it's an awesome track and only 80msp. The guitar is awesome in that too.
  • DragoonXDDragoonXD Road Warrior
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    OaOaO - The Taj Motel Trio
    Linear A - Free Electric State
    Living Saints - Polar Bear Club
    Think Bad Thoughts - Kay Hanley
    Soulless - Fake Problems
    Daisy - Fang Island
    Laceration - Mile Marker Zero
    Rain - New Rising Son
    Americadio - Slim Cessna's Auto Club
    Plans & Reveries - Black Gold
    Honest Man - The Gracious Few
    United - The Knew
    Burning Rome - Minnesota Sex Junkies
    Hey Satomi (feat. Justine Skyers) - The Bungles
    Knifeman - The Bronx
    Turnpike Ghost - Steel Train
    Painted - Zoo Seven
    Wake Up - Me Talk Pretty
    Fire Away - Kill the Alarm
    When We Fall - Gentlemen at Arms
    Stay Up With Me - After the Fall
    People Like You - Forever From Now

    I should stop before my list gets too big. Tried to recommend some less-oft mentioned songs.

    Glad to see you liked "Smile (Live)". My 3rd favorite RBN song of the 400 I have.
  • nascarfan19nascarfan19 Headliner
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    Not too huge with buying RBN songs, but A Christmas Rock Medley - Richard Campbell is a fun and challenging track if you still feel like buying Christmas songs. And only 80 MSP!
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    Those Van Friscia songs do look pretty cool. I'll have to wait and download the demo for "Jam," as I could not find it on the youtubez.

    And I am a pro-drums person, but I'm not a snob about it. If an RBN 1.0 song lacks drums, I'll play it regularly and listen carefully for how to play it appropriately.
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    Shoot, thought I could reply to individual responses. At any rate, I really appreciate the suggestions. I'm going to peruse 'em more in detail, but there are definitely a few standouts in here that I was unaware of:

    both Van Friscia songs
    DnA's Evolution - the Heist (this looks like a blast, and sounds great!)

    Children of Nova has a great sound, but they look to be just about a click too difficult for me to have fun playing - at least for 160 MSP (did they used to be 80?)

    Appreciate the Marillion suggestion too; that does sound right up my alley.

    I'll keep digging into these suggestions - many thanks!
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    The one RBN song that I always recommend is Kiev - Crooked Strings. Such an underrated track and so much fun on all instruments, including vocals.
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