What are Achievements?

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Okay, I'm really new to the 360 here, but what are Achievements? I know they are just things you do in game that you get recognized for. Like in most FPS games, you get achievements when you kill guys, or do stuff. But what are MP achievements? I hear there are like, tons of different kinds of achievements that allow you to do different things (Not in-game, but on Xbox live, and stuff)

Could someone just like, list out what kinds of achievements there are (Not from a game)

I can't explain it well...I just heard there are kinds of achievements that allow you to like, get stuff off the Xbox live marketplace and stuff. I dont know if this is just for a particular game, but I hear things like MP achievements, SP achievements, stuff like that...so confused...


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    No achivement points are different from marketplace points.
    Dead Rising has some in game unlocks tied to them and some games give gamer pics but that's all.

    They're useless,just add numbers to your score and your score does nothing. There's a challenge thing to win prizes but that's only for the US but I think that's over for now.
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    For me, achievements are accomplishments as well as motivation for completing things in a game. You have your Gamerscore, it's there simply to show how much you accomplish in the games you play. It doesn't play any special role in anything.

    Every game has it's own set of achievements, with different amount of gamerpoints for each achievement. I don't know about contests and such, but as I said, I get all giddy when I see that pop up and say Achievement Unlocked :D

    But I think it gives me more motivation to try to complete every aspect of a game, because I know I'll always get that feeling of accomplishment when I see that Unlocked message.
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    To understand what achievements "are" and examples of them check out a website which specializes in the obsession over them: xbox360achievements.org

    To understand what they mean to you as a player, you just have to experience it. Some people - like myself - are addicted to seeing that "Achievement Unlocked" pop up and the sound associated with it. The score is just a bonus. I have a large score, but am not obsessed with the score - just the achievements. Other people seem to not care at all. If you've got an ounce of OCD then you may or may not even want to start messing with it. It may take over your life.

    Anyway, you can't do anything with them at all - except the occassional challenge for prizes (although there's only been one so far). But it makes playing games different - for the better. I can't really even play games on my PS3 and Wii because they don't have achievements to keep me going through the game - although I will play Heavenly Sword no matter what.

    To me achievements are one of the most "next-gen" aspects of the 360... one which the other two systems are missing. We'll see if trophies (PS3) generates the same response when they come.

    Hope that helps.
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    okay there's a simple
    2 explain

    1 acheivement points
    show what you did in games
    no purpose 4 them...except bragging right

    2 microsoft points are points used 2
    get downloadable software
    (new levels, cars, songs, weapons,)
    but they are gonna cost you some $
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    I like the trophy idea better because at least you get an actual something instead of just a number (other than the few that give in game unlocks and gamerpics).

    Yea if you've got OCD it's a bad idea...espically with GRAW,DOAX 2,Rumble Roses XX and EDF 2017. That's only about 300 hours each,maybe even more for GRAW. I only have all 1000 on Hitman,Surf's Up (What? I like surfing) and sports games.
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