Who has connections in Norway?

KlodrikKlodrik Opening Act
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I was just wondering if some of the authoring groups have got connections in Norway? Seeing as Dimmu Borgir got released recently maybe someone with connections could try and use them to contact other bands.
Bands like Audrey Horne, Satyricon, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band and A-ha would all be great additions to Rock Band. I've tried to contact Audrey Horne via management, Facebook etc but they never reply so if anyone all ready has connections I urge you to use them :D


  • kurathkurath Opening Act
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    The song was released by the label, Nuclear Blast Records, in conjuction with an authoring group. Given the song choices were by that label, I wouldn't count on them helping you get bands that aren't on it through, so unfortunately, not sure this does you any good.
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