I got dibs on this song!!!! Nani nani boo boo!!

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I just got this off the IGN website:

July 25, 2007 - Popular Guitar Hero community site ScoreHero recently scored a trip down to Neversoft to check in on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The site's managers returned with new info on the upcoming music rhythm release, including four previously unannounced tracks. They are:

Suck My Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers
La Grange, ZZ Top
Number Of The Beast, Iron Maiden
Through The Fire And Flames, Dragonforce

Of the four tracks, only La Grange is reported to not be a master track. It looks like the battle with Rock Band for our music game dollars is heating up. Of course, we're still waiting on either game to announce a Led Zeppelin or AC/DC track. Please let it happen rock gods. Please.

With that said, does that mean that there's no chance in HELL that one of these songs might be in Rock Band??? For instance "Suck my kiss"? :( I also got excited when I saw Welcome to the jungle in rock band played in that early video with the Harmonix peoples and then GH snatched it away. I just got the flu so a no would just destroy me! Harmonix just get every song ever made like that we wont have this problem! :D Except dont get Ace of base and ABBA! All hail Rock Band!


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    Yah, I'm also curious how that's going to work. I'm assuming it's going to be a by-artist agreement kind of thing, whatever deal they can work out w/ them. We know that it's not impossible that you can have a different song by the same artist on each game, w/ Weezer being in both, but we dont' know yet if it's possible to have the same song. I'd really hope they could work it out to where we could. And I REALLY hope that they aren't doing a lot of artist exclusive kind of deals. My nightmare is that Tool somehow gets onto GH3 and that it would make the ineligible for Rock Band. I might not survive that.

    Umm...and this might destry all credibility I've ever had here, but I'm willing to bet that some ABBA songs would be more fun than people think...

    Ok, pretend I didn't say that...:D
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    This information was taken from Scorehero by IGN. Scorhero has all the exclusive details and info. See this thread for more!
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    Man.. they got 2 of my favorite songs..
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    Suck My Kiss and Number of the Beast. Sweet 8 pound 4 ounce baby jesus I'm playing those this year!!!

    Nice little post here. The other two songs will be okay to play, but I love those two listed above.
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