Official: Rock Band Songs WITH Lyrics - Current List

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Here is a mostly-complete list of all the currently available Rock Band songs and the lyrics that go with them. Currently sorted by song (alphabetically), future sorting by Band, Year, Genre will be available soon.

Please review it and post back with missing lyrics (there are 2 songs w/o lyrics currently) and with corrections. I will attempt to update the list weekly.

Also if you just want a quick web reference, here it is in html format.

I have each song on a single page so that you can sort it how you like and if you wish to print it in the form of a karaoke book, it will work fine. Due to the length of some of the songs, they text was shrunk down a bit to fit on a single page.

Lyrics still needed:
29 Fingers - The Konks
Nightmare - Crooked X

4/16/08 - Added DLC through week 4/15
4/7/08 - Added DLC through week 4/8/08; Lots of lyric updated & long songs are now in double columns.
3/13/08 - Added DLC through week 3/11/08
2/19/08 - Added DLC through week 2/19/08
2/13/08 - Added DLC through week 2/12/08; Fixed a lot of lyrics.
2/5/08 - Added DLC through week 2/5/08; Added lyrics for "Can't Let Go"
1/23/08 - Added missing songs from 'Punk pack"; Fixed lyrics in Wonderwall
1/18/08 - Added DLC through week of 1/29/08; Fixed TOC linking; Fixed lyrics in GG&HT
1/9/08 - Added linkable contents and created HTML version


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