Top 50 RBN Downloads Of The Week

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An overall chart can no longer be posted, but I can post a Top 50 of the Week using the Xbox Live Marketplace. This order will be legit!

Current Chart: 1/3-1/10/2011
[*]Creed - "Higher"
[*]A Day To Remember - "I'm Made Of Wax, Larry..."
[*]Seether - "Remedy"
[*]Five Finger Death Punch - "Hard To See"
[*]Finger Eleven - "Paralyzer"
[*]Of Mice and Men - "Second & Sebring"
[*]Third Eye Blind - "Semi-Charmed Life '09"
[*]Asking Alexandria - "Hey There Mr. Brooks"
[*]Lemon Demon - "The Ultimate Showdown (RBN Mix)"
[*]Suicide Silence - "Wake Up"
[*]Parry Gripp - "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom"
[*]Bang Camaro - "Push Push (Lady Lightning)
[*]The Devil Wears Prada - "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over"
[*]Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies (Live)"
[*]Drive Shaft - "You All Everybody"
[*]Seether - "Rise Above This"
[*]Stan Bush - "The Touch"
[*]Five Finger Death Punch - "Burn It Down"
[*]All That Remains - "Undone"
[*]Jonathan Coulton - "Code Monkey"
[*]Texas In July - "Hook, Line, and Sinner"
[*]Emarosa - "Heads Or Tails? Real Or Not"
[*]Job For A Cowboy - "Unfurling A Darkened Gospel"
[*]Ronald Jenkees - "Guitar Sound"
[*]Bang Camaro - "Bang Camaro"
[*]Breathe Carolina - "Hello Fascination"
[*]Texas In July - "Elements"
[*]Stroke 9 - "Little Black Backpack '09"
[*]3 Inches Of Blood - "Battles and Brotherhood"
[*]Jonathan Coulton - "The Future Soon"
[*]Skindred - "Stand For Something"
[*]The Agonist - "Thank You, Pain."
[*]In This Moment - "Mechanical Love"
[*]Suicide Silence - "Disengage"
[*]Amberian Dawn - "Valkyries"
[*]Shylo Elliott - "Drums Exercises..."
[*]Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Hanuman"
[*]Terrorhorse - "Modern Mathematics"
[*]Chaotrope - "XIV"
[*]Bang Camaro - "Nightlife Commando"
[*]Bang Camaro - "Swallow The Razor"
[*]Amberian Dawn - "Lionheart"
[*]Andrew Buch - "Trippolette"
[*]Warbringer - "Living In A Whirlwind"
[*]Aiden - "Scavengers Of The Damned"
[*]Demon Hunter - "The World Is A Thorn"
[*]Scale The Summit - "The Great Plains"
[*]Amberian Dawn - "Shallow Waters"
[*]Norma Jean - "Deathbed Atheist"
[*]Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Buster Voodoo"
EDIT: Nevermind, this list may NOT be as legit as I thought originally. I see some glaring omissions such as "Bodies", "Going Under", "The Final Episode", etc, etc...


  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    Maybe those weren't selling that well this week?(the ones missing that is)
  • kingtonyxkingtonyx Unofficial
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    ThatAuthoringGroup;4252478 said:
    Maybe those weren't selling that well this week?(the ones missing that is)

    That's a good point. Although it's strange to not even see them on the top 50.
  • OSweetMrMathOSweetMrMath Road Warrior
    edited January 2011
    When the RB3 store went online, around 250 RBN songs were added. I don't know why only some were added. As far as I've seen, no additional songs have been added since then. You can get an all time best selling list from, but it's the same partial list, and it's missing some big sellers, as you've noticed.
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
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    As far as I've been watching, no new RBN songs have been added to the Rock Band slides on the Xbox store in months, or since about when Rock Band 3 sprang up and mixed RBN and the regular DLC together. Several huge artists such as Evanescence, A Day to Remember, Freezepop, and Attack Attack! have added songs since this change happened, but don't appear on slides on the dashboard yet, so this isn't a trustworthy method.
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