The Beatles Roch Band 2 (Fan Setlist)

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So I know I'm not the first person to think with the new Keys and Pro support that a Beatles Rock Band 2 might be a slightly more realistic pipe dream, but I thought I would take it a little further and see how feasible it might be by seeing if it would be possible to create a similar setlist to the first game (45 songs, evenly divided between albums, singers, etc.) that included enough piano (or chartable alternatives like Organ, Brass, Woodwinds, or even, I would argue, Harmonica) to make it worthwhile without slamming the gamers with a bunch of songs no one but the diehard fans know.

You may remember I'm the guy who "leaked" via Wikipedia the fake setlist for the first game that became such a big news hit and even got the attention of Harmonix to have them dismiss it. So from that same mind, here's my dream setlist for The Beatles Rock Band 2 (Parentheses denote instruments chartable to piano, X means there would be no part):

Misery (Piano)
Please Please Me (Harmonica)

All My Loving (X)
You Really Got a Hold on Me (Piano)
Little Child (Piano)
Money (Piano)

I Should Have Known Better (Harmonica)
Any Time at All (Piano)
Things We Said Today (Piano)

No Reply (Piano)
Every Little Thing (Piano)
What You're Doing (Piano)

Help! (X)
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Flutes)
You're Going to Lose That Girl (Piano)
You Like Me Too Much (Piano)

She Said She Said (Organ)
Good Day Sunshine (Piano)
For No One (Piano/Clavichord)
I Want to Tell You (Piano)
Got to Get You Into My Life (Brass)

Magical Mystery Tour (Piano/Brass)
The Fool on the Hill (Piano)
Strawberry Fiels Forever (Piano/Mellotron)
Penny Lane (Piano/Brass/Woodwinds)
Baby You're a Rich Man (Piano)

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Piano/Brass)
Martha My Dear (Piano/Brass)
I'm So Tired (Piano/Organ)
Piggies (Harpsichord)
Don't Pass Me By (Organ)
Sexy Sadie (Piano/Organ)
Savoy Truffle (Elec. Piano)

It's All Too Much (Organ)

Across the Universe (Piano/Organ)
Let It Be (Piano)
One After 909 (Elec. Piano)
The Long and Winding Road (Piano)
For You Blue (Piano)

I'm Down (Organ)
Lady Madonna (Piano)
Hey Jude (Piano)
Old Brown Shoe (Piano)

Free as a Bird (Piano)
Real Love (Piano)

There's something like 19 John vocals, 16 Paul, 7 George, and 1 Ringo
There may not be as many household names in here as in the first game, but I think people would enjoy playing Help!, Hey Jude, Let It Be, Lady Madonna, I'm Down, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Baby You're a Rich Man, The Fool On the Hill, Please Please Me, No Reply, etc.

Also with only 45 songs again instead of upping the number for the sequel, HMX would have time to put some fresh charting for Keys support hidden in the code of TBRB2 so that when you exported the first game onto your harddrive (for use only in TBRB2, not RB3), you could play piano on Hey Bulldog, Drive My Car, and others. This shouldn't be too difficult since all the hard digital separation work was already done for those songs. Just a matter of recharting and putting that compatibly somewhere in the coding of the new game, and there aren't that many with keys in them anyway - it would just be a few songs.

Slap on some brand new dreamscapes that don't reuse elements from the first game (along with the original stuff as exportable), and some new venues like the Star Club, Hollywood Bowl, Candlestick Park, Twickenham Film Studios, maybe some locales from the A Hard Days Night and Help! films.

BAM - you've got a great new game, a cause for some new DLC, and a cause to keep all the whiners quiet for a long time. Comments? Suggestions for improvement? I know this may never happen, but stuck on a board with almost no news, what better do we have to do with our time?


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