Yet Another TB:RB2 Set-List

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Yes, I too have decided to make a The Beatles: Rock Band 2 set-list. featuring a few new venues. like for Us touring I picture like 3 different venues just generic random stuff through different parts of the US. It was hard to make this list I narrowed it down to 50. I tried to include hits, fan-favorites, and some deeper cuts.
Keys, Pro-Drums, Pro-Key, Pro-Guitar/Bass, Harmonies and Export TB:RB 1 with dreamscapes and upgrades for the songs. In A perfect World Right? Enjoy. :cool:

Hamburg/Please Please Me recording session

1. Please Please Me
2. Chains
3. Baby It's You
4. Love Me Do

First Live Shows in England(right before the first US visit)/AHDN

1. It Won't Be Long
2. All My Loving
3. Roll Over Beethoven
4. If I Fell
5. Any Time At All
6. And I Love Her

US Touring/Help!

1. No Reply
2. I'm a Loser
3. Rock and Roll Music OR I'll Follow The Sun
4. Help!
5. Yesterday(for "star power" and sales)
6. Act Naturally

Acid Phase or for a lack of a better word Revolver

1. She Said She Said
2. I'm Only Sleeping
3. Here There And Everywhere
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. Got To Get You Into My Life OR For No One
6. Tomorrow Never Knows

Magical Mystery Tour Era

1. Magical Mystery Tour
2. The Fool On The Hill
3. Your Mother Should Know
4. Baby You're A Rich Man

White Album Era

1. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
2. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
3. Happiness Is a Warm Gun
4. Piggies
5. Blackbird
6. Rocky Racoon
7. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
8. Sexy Sadie
9. Savoy Truffle
10.Yer Blues

Let It Be Era

1. Let It Be
2. The Long and Winding Road
3. Across The Universe
4. Two Of Us
5. For You Blue
6. One After 909

That's 44 Songs. For an Even 50 I have selected 6 singles.

1. Rain
2. Hey Jude
3. Real Love
4. Penny Lane
5. Strawberry Fields Forever
6. Long Tall Sally OR Free As A Bird


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