The Community's NEW Rock Band: Final Setlist

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April 5th, 2009 - July 15th, 2009 (77 Voting Days)
Thread Creators: timmay9, jayou521, vulcanjedi
Purpose: Create a new, more diverse Community Setlist than the original
Featured: New Rules

What We Need:

Genres for:
Absu - She Cries The Quiet Lake
Abigail Williams - Into the Ashes
Be Your Own Pet - Zombie Graveyard Party!
The Darkness - Love Is Only A Feeling
Kings of Leon - Manhattan
PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me
Saxon - Princess Of The Night
Slint - Good Morning, Captain

The following will be done sometime in the future...

Dimmu Borgir
Mourning Palace
Burn in Hell

Glasgow Mega-Snake
Like Herod

Voting for your favorite song by...
(Leslie) Feist
Porcupine Tree


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