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So when this Rock Band Network thing was announced over a year ago, I had the realization that I had the power to fill my own requests for Rock Band songs! For serious!
That being said, ever since the begining of Rock Band I've wanted a 3-pack of ska. It's a pretty broad genre and I've been listening to it for longer than almost any other.
So... I did it. I started contacting some of my favorite ska bands, and I DID IT!! I CREATED THE (unofficial) ROCK BAND SKA-PACK!
Here it is, I hope you enjoy it!!!

The Setlist!

Fatter Than Albert - Better Sleep
Thick, jazzy New Orleans ska. It's as much jazz-hardcore as it is ska. It's got crazy time-signatures, singy AND screamy vocals, and those drums... oh man those drums. Is it jazz where the drummer does whatever crazy thing he wants each and every measure? CRAZY.
Full disclosure: Pro-drums has some misplaced cymbals. I blame not being able to test the pro-drums in RB2.
RIYL: Voodoo Glow Skulls, Link 80

The Taj Motel Trio - OaOaO
Third-wave singalong ska! This is like the ska-punk we used to listen to in high-school. It's fast and it's poppy. This entire album is super-infectiously catchy and I recommend you find it. God these guys are good.
RIYL: Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish

The Pinstripes - Come On In
Rounding out the ska pack is some dancehall reggae ska/rocksteady. This is quality dance music right here. Being from the middle of KY means that I have to drive a couple hours for a good show... and when these guys play shows in Cincinnati, you better believe I'm there.
Be sure to check out the dancehall vocals in the video below around 2:45.
Approved, should drop between now and next Tuesday!
RIYL: The Slackers, The Toasters


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