The (x2 bass pedal) announcement thread.

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So as to not seem like we're double dipping our customers we are going to announce well in advance when any of our songs are going to also have a (x2 bass pedal) version.

That way IF there are those out there that want the extra challenge of trying to hit every kick in the song they'll know that version is just around the corner. Of course for those less masochistic players the original versions will be available (and sooner than their x2 counterparts) and they will of course abide by all the rules of bass kick pedal on expert that we've all grown accustomed to.

So with that said if you guys hadn't heard the entire Ziltoid album will have x2 kick pedal versions available.

I have no idea how any human is going to be able to hit those machine gun kicks in Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! but they're all gonna be charted in the x2 version.

If any other authors out there want to announce ahead of time their songs with the x2 bass features feel free to use this thread to do so if you like.


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