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Ive got a couple of queries regarding the drums that come with the "Limited Edition" bundle of the game, they do not seem to be compatible with Guitar Hero world tour, but I was told in store by Game that all the beatles instruments are compatible and I looked online and it said that it was compatible on the Guitar Hero website and various other sites said the same also, however like I say it doesnt seem to want to work with me! Anybody ever tried to use the drums with World Tour? If so some feedback would be much apreciated, Thanks:cool:

And secondly, if I was to purchase Rockband 3 which comes bundled with a drumkit with cymbols I believe(obviously I would just buy the game itself as I am not made of money for one and not to mention I don't have the room for more instruments!), so does this mean I will be effectively be unable to play the game properly as everytime the game expects me to hit a cymbol, I can't and therfore it is impossible to ever get 100% on a song! Or am I missing something?


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    I'm not sure about the Guitar Hero World Tour issue. What system are you playing on? I only have the RB1 and RB2 kits but they worked fine in GH:WT for me on PS3.

    The only bundle for Rock Band 3 available was the keyboard bundle. However, they do sell the drum kit separately. The RB3 kit comes with the cymbals, or you can buy the cymbals separately if you have a RB2 kit or the Beatles Limited Edition drum kit (but not the Value Edition drum kit). However, using them in the game is optional: if you want to use them, you choose "Pro Drums" (and even then, you can tell the game whether you have 1, 2, or 3 cymbals). You can continue to play the regular drum mode too by choosing "Drums" (instead of "Pro Drums").
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