RBN songs- No Pro Modes :(

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I was excited when I heard about Pro Guitar, etc... for this game. I bought the 150 dollar mustang and was ready to try my favorite songs. I was disappointed when I could only play the RB3 songs this way, but felt that new content would be well worth it...

Sadly, there is only one to 2 songs each week with pro guitar added on, and few songs that I would really want to spend money for and learn to play. The Clash and the remaining lesser known bob marley songs being the recent DLC has made me discouraged. I have been planning on buying the new Fender controller, but I find that the songs I want to play (many in RB1-2) will most likely not be Pro-G. At this rate, no time soon. :( Many people I have talked to, feel similarly about this. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Bon Jovi DLC, but the limited choices with mode was discouraging. I was glad, also when the Linkin Park DLC came out and there were a couple songs on there, but it really feels like a let down!! I wouldn't care if I had to pay extra for all my songs, or even extra points to get my old songs upgraded, because I have already spent a lot on DLC, drums, pro drum, keyboard, extra mics, and the mad cats mustang. I see it as money well spent if it allows me to learn some of my favorite songs! But the lack of Pro Guitar songs currently has me seeing dropping over 300 bucks for the fender and adapter not worth it, and something I am considering postponing until things pick up. I already own a guitar of the same make so the money spent on the guitar wouldn't be for solely owning a real guitar.

I understand that the Pro Guitar community is small, and many people see the pro mode as costly and some see it as being too hard, but I see it as the most rewarding!! It would be even more so if I could learn and play songs better then "I love rock n roll." The current songs are very time consuming to learn, granted, but I love having a wide selection of songs to go through. I wish there was word about planned upcoming music for Pro Guitar or even Keyboards. Some kind of becon of light with more advanced notice then 4 or 5 days before release. Though I love Bob Marley, the latest DLC and lack of Pro modes are kind of disappointing.

I would love to see an active member section in the game or online that allows for voting for possible new DLC. KORN, Black Sabbath, DIO, Creed, Van Halen, Eagles (who doesn't love Hotel California?!), etc... Especially with Pro modes! It would also be great to have a jam mode were the pro guitar can be played freely like the prodrums can be. Perhaps with something to help more with cords then the current trainers. Learning tabs is great, but would love more learning cords, and a slower break down on some of the songs, like Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama, even half speed is fast for some of the picking.


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    Pro Guitar/Bass charts are tough to make according to HMX. As tough as making every other chart combined. For RBN, allowing them to do those charts is hard because of the limited testing base would lead to issues at the moment. That said, there is hope. Pro upgrades are sold separately for several reasons, one of them is so that they can be made later.

    So, those RBN songs that don't yet have Pro Guitar? If/When HMX opens up RBN for pro upgrades, they can be made for your favorite older RBN songs.
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    The main issue with pro guitar for RBN isn't the charting, because people who are charting their own band's music will know exactly how it is played, and often people can get tabs or videos from the band they're working with to see exactly how it should be charted. The problem comes when other people have to test and review the pro chart. They don't have any tabs (except maybe some internet ones which are not so reliable) so there are very few people (perhaps even fewer than it takes to pass a song in Peer Review) who would be able to verify that the pro chart is accurate.

    Harmonix have said that they may revisit the decision in 6 months or so, probably when the pro guitar user base is a lot bigger and hopefully the RBN community is larger as well. Until then, we're stuck with pro drums and pro keys.

    And I don't love Hotel California. :P
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    Being able to use an actual electric guitar during play-testing will make peer reviewing pro-guitar much more feasible, because experienced players will be able to tell when it sounds wrong. After making my own pro guitar chart, I can agree that the actual charting of the tablature is the easy part. The hard part is coming up with accurate tablature, and the Harmonix staff is doing it all by ear.
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    Personally, I think that letting the pro guitar chart play in MIDI format would be better than having a guitar to hand while testing, similar to the guide pitch they've added to pro keys and vocals. The advantage of this over having an actual guitar is that it can play anything, and it will play it perfectly every time, and perfectly in time.

    However, some people have said they are anticipating having trouble with testing pro keys, and for that there's only one way to play each note. With guitar there are up to 6 ways to play each note, and potentially even more variations of chords and things. You'd probably need a bit of experience with playing real guitar or at least RB3 pro guitar in order to test a pro guitar chart.

    I understand the decision not to allow pro guitar/bass in RBN for now, even if I don't like it. I really hope they add it in eventually, and that they allow separate pro upgrades for RBN like they have for DLC, allowing us to go back and add Pro charts for older songs.
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    I was wondering because I would figure Guitar Pro 6 would help iron out any testing needed for the tabs (midi). I know of a couple sites that have tabs but are tested this way before they are posted. They also have an app plug in so you can listen to the tabs (midi) to see if they sound right, etc... before they are "live" on the site. So, you wouldn't need anyone who has a guitar, just the program or just working knowledge of music/notes/etc...
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