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There are a couple of threads discussing how some PS3 consoles do not have a song preview for RBN songs (and nobody knows why), and one thread discussing how the lack of the preview is costing HMX sales. My opinion is that it's probably hurting your sales as much, if not more, than HMX and I'd like to know if any of you authoring companies are concerned about this and/or have had any discussions with HMX about the problem.

I know it's been discussed to death about how we are just lazy and can YouTube the songs to see if we like them, but regardless if we can or can't do that, many of us don't (or don't anymore).

Any comment or are we PS3 users who have no preview funtionallity for RBN songs just farting in the wind with our complaint?


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    I'll be the first to admit that I make a lot of impulse purchases of songs I don't know based on the preview function on the 360.

    So I'm sure you guys are correct that it is costing sales (the lack of a preview function for some of the PS3 users).

    I'm all for getting a universal preview across both consoles, but of course not working at HMX, I have no idea what exactly the issue is that causes some PS3's to not have the preview function, or how difficult a fix would be.
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