ASAP (powerpop/piano rock band) seeks Authoring company for RBN 2.0

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ASAP, an unsigned 4 peice rock band from New Jersey is seeking an Authoring Company that is willing to be paid through the form of commission (taking a cut of the profits) so that the band can put songs from it's debut, "Days To Nights" on the Rock Band Network.

The band is specifically looking to market these songs on the new RBN 2.0, as the bands use of keyboards and harmonies would perfectly compliment the new software available.

To get a glimpse into the band's sound, take a gander at their bandcamp page, where their debut is available for free download.

The band hopes to put future releases on the Rock Band Netowork as well, but would hopefully like to test the technology out by putting these 3 songs from their debut up for download: "Have You Looked In The Mirror Lately", "Memento Mori", and "Lies And Spies."

"Memento Mori" features both a piano solo and a guitar solo.

If anyone would like to ask questions or make an offer to me, contact me through a message or an email.

my email address is: [email][/email]

TL;DR: Band seeking authoring agency that doesnt need to be paid upfront.


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