Hardest songs in RBN?

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There has probably been at least several threads discussing this, but RBN is the home to a plethora of difficult songs for each instrument. And with the end of RBN1.0 in sight, it'd be nice to reflect on it before drowning in the world of ultimate badassness known as RBN2.

So, what are the hardest songs in RBN for:


that you've ever witnessed? In your opinion?


  • FlyGuyLXIFlyGuyLXI Headl!ner
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    I've kind of lost track with RBN. It's probably "Guitars SUCK" on guitar, but there was so much metal released it was probably overshadowed by 5 other songs.
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    FlyGuyLXI;4296290 said:
    I've kind of lost track with RBN. It's probably "Guitars SUCK" on guitar, but there was so much metal released it was probably overshadowed by 5 other songs.

    IMO Headed for the Ditch by Andy Timmons (a country song) is way harder on guitar.

    For drums, I'd have to say Cephilic Carnage's Abraxis of Filth (2x Bass Pedal).
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    Being the competitive player I am, I rate these in terms of FC-ability.

    Guitar: "Baptized By Fire" (one of the solos still has yet to be FC'd)
    Drums: "We Are the Nightmare" / "Humanity's Last Hope... (2x Bass Pedal)"
    Bass: "Believing" by far, followed shortly by "XIV", "Curse You All Men (Live)", "Bleed", among others.
    Vocals: "Smash the Control Machine"? Don't play much vocals so I wouldn't know.
  • QuazifujiQuazifuji Opening Act
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    On guitar, there's Nihilanth, Burn by Mike Orlando, Guitars Suck, Headed for the Ditch, pretty much anything by Chaotrope (particularly Reaper and Baptized by Fire), Time No More, The Fire and the Fury and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting. Chaotrope's stuff is also all crazy on bass.

    Drums, We Are The Nightmare's definitely the hardest non-double-bass song. Packet Flier, Creatures ov Deception, Unfurling a Darkened Gospel, Obfuscation, Day of Mourning, Curse You All Men!, Cimmerian Shamballah, and some other stuff are all insane. Arcaedion, Makeup/Breakup, and Bled to be Free are also notable as very difficult songs without alt blasts, although not nearly as hard as the other ones mentioned (Creatures ov Deception was the only one mentioned earlier without them, although Obfuscation's hardest part is also not alt-blasts even if it has some). As for double bass songs, the hardest are probably Humanity's Last Hope, Your Treachery Will Die With You, and Abraxas of Filth.

    For a full band, it's probably one of the previously mentioned songs for being so hard on 1-3 instruments that it's the hardest full band song even though most of those are easy/no part for vocals. Buttersnips and Voodoo Treasure are the only songs to be final tier on everything, so they might be the most consistently hard across all instruments, but I think just getting three players who can play, say, Abraxas of Filth on guitar, bass, and drums and one person to make weird noises into the microphone is harder than finding people who can play one of those songs on all four instruments.

    Also, if you want to look ahead, the Andromeda songs are all going to be absurd on keys (and likely pretty challenging on guitar, bass, and drums too). I think the pro keys charts for those songs are likely to be the hardest things in any rhythm game on any instrument (at least excluding stupid customs designed to be unpassable), to pass or FC. Hell, passing those might be harder than FCing most final tier songs.
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  • GameMaster439GameMaster439 Road Warrior
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    For Drums: once it comes Farewell, Mona Lisa by The Dillinger Escape Plan (2x Bass Version) will put up quite a fight.
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
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    The hardest guitar song I've ever come across is "Pressure Cooker" by Magnus 'SoulEye' P
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