Need somehelp syncing a hoofer bass.

MLewissrMLewissr Unsigned
edited February 2011 in The Beatles: Rock Band
Just bought a used hofner bass 2 round out my beatles set up but I can't get it synced. Would love se help! Thx mike


  • skambuskambu Unsigned
    edited February 2011
    Do you know how to sync guitars usually? It should be no different to syncing a regular guitar.

    One problem you may be experiencing is the Beatles instruments require you to hold the guide button for a few moments before it actually pops up. This could be your problem, where you hold the guide button but the controller itself doesn't turn on.

    All you should need to do is make sure the controller is on, then press the sync button on the Hofner (near the guide button), and the sync button on your console.
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