Rerelease pricing, some thoughts

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One problem I see with rerelease tracks with additional features is that new buyers will be faced with a choice. Ideally I'd like everyone to buy the RBN2 version, but there are some compelling reasons to still purchase the RBN1 version. RB2 compatibility (if prefer to play there) and a larger set of players with the track at least initially are the two reasons I can think of. If the RBN2 version is more expensive, that would be a third reason.

However, If RBN1 tracks were more expensive than RBN2 rereleases it would provide a push to counterbalance the larger owner group of the earlier release (can't really do anything about people who prefer RB2/don't have RB3). Audible Mainframe - Ice Cold went from 80 to 160 at one point. Not sure what that required and if it's a feasible option to utilize often. But, if it's not too hard to do the maintenance, then switching the initial release's price of rereleased tracks up to a higher price than the rerelease's price would push new buyers to buy the "right" track.*

Also, Rose of Jericho has stated that their rereleases will be 80 points to avoid charging fans who buy twice too much. This strategy could be modified to compensate for the additional work without costing more than necessary. The rerelease could run with an initial low price that is then pushed up after a grace period for "rebuys". (if desired, no one will complain if it stays 80 points).

* The price switch could even be done before the rerelease to communicate and cause players to avoid buying the track "for now".

PS My personal choice - I'm upgrading everything I own if it's rereleased, so while price isn't going to matter, I'd prefer others to have the features too if I play online.
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