we need sabaton :D please

kain4489kain4489 Unsigned
songs like :
screaming eagles
primo victoria
attero dominatus
in the name of god


  • Santa ClaustrophobiaSanta Claustrophobia Road Warrior
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    You should tell them that.
  • QuazifujiQuazifuji Opening Act
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    In case you don't understand Santa Claustrophobia's post...

    In order to put a song on RBN, you have to have the rights to the song and the original master tracks. So someone can't put Sabaton in RBN just because they like the band, they'd have to get permission and audio stems from whoever has the rights to the music (probably the band and/or their label). You're free to contact the band or their label and let them know about RBN and recommend that they put their songs up (or hire an authoring group to do it), some people have had success this way. There's a sticky post in this forum with guidelines on what to say when you contact them.
  • KilyleKilyle Opening Act
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    I've posted the request on Sabaton's Facebook page. I'm really hyped about their music, seeing as I only basically discovered it a couple weeks ago after attending a concert in Seattle with a friend. They were awesome. Prior to that, I'd only heard and paid attention to a couple songs he played in the car, but after the concert I couldn't get enough of them. Also they've started me on a journey through WWII history that has been fascinating (I never knew Rommel was so cool).

    Anyway, I would love to see Sabaton on Rock Band, and in my circle of friends there's at least four I can think of without hesitation who would also love rocking out to their brand of awesome.
  • darkwinterbeast8darkwinterbeast8 Headliner
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    Let's get some Sabaton in here. Anyone got a way to contact them?
  • Nathaniel607Nathaniel607 Opening Act
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    darkwinterbeast8;4388110 said:
    Let's get some Sabaton in here. Anyone got a way to contact them?

    Look, I don't even like Sabaton all that much, but literally all I did was google "Sabaton" go on their website, go to the "contact" section, copy the email address and post it here;


    Then I made this post.
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