Authoring groups - post your RBN2.0 songs here!

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So I've seen a lot of where are the 2.0, are there going to be keys charted, etc type posts so why don't we post some examples of the songs we're bringing for the folks to get excited about.

If you don't have charts ready, or don't have the capability to record then just post youboob videos of the songs so they can listen to them.

Let's get this 2.0 party started early ;)

Here's a sample of our 2.0 keys/harmony laden material we are currently working on.

Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats - Need Strange :
This is an earlier build and we've now got the keys charted as well!

Rishloo - Downhill :

Halcyon Way - The System :

Halcyon Way - Building the Towers :

Halcyon Way - Mouth Without a Head :

Halcyon Way - Inside Looking out(The Icon and the Ghost) :

Vangough - Estranger :

More to come soon from us!


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