2011(and beyond!) MLB thread.


  • Nintendo plans on selling the Mariners. I guess that they got tired of having to control a morbidly pathetic baseball franchise. Not sure how the new ownership will do once it becomes official but at least it isn't Clay Bennett buying the team.
  • With the start of the baseball season a few weeks away, it's time for predictions:

    AL East:
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Baltimore Orioles
    New York Yankees
    Boston Red Sox

    I'm very happy this isn't how it's turned out so far. The Red Sox are looking pretty good right now. Obviously there's a LOT of baseball left to go but we're off to a good start.
  • Update: with a sweep of the Yankees and an Orioles loss, the Red Sox are first in the AL East!
  • Pretty crazy how the Lastros choked away that game against the most putrid division leader in baseball (as of the date of this post). I thought they would've been way better than this. Their terrible play is only slightly better than how I expected the Mariners to play so far this year.

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    Things I don't understand as of May 6:

    1: Mariners leading the AL West
    1b): Astros in the basement
    2) Minnesota is not that bad
    3) The NL west. All of it. Maybe not Arizona.
    4) Who the guy wearing the Tulowitzki jersey is.

    Things I can understand:
    1) The Yankees just might be exactly this bad.
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    MAXimum Overdrive!

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    MAXimum Overdrive!


    And I was there to see it!
    JZimm looked pretty good too ... but Max is unreal.
  • F*cking Mariners. Losing 3 straight at home and being below .500 at home once again. Can't they just be a traveling road team at this point. They somehow have the 2nd best road record in the Majors at this time.
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    Max Scherzer bobble head tonight!
    I'm going to see if I can observe meat-free Monday and still have fun at the ballpark. My options include:

    Roasted Cauliflower Sandwich
    Vegetarian Tacos
    Vegetarian/Vegan Cheesesteak
    Vegetarian Portobello Rueben
    Vegetarian Empanada
    Vegetarian Hot Dog
    Vegetarian Chicken Salad Sandwich
    Vegetarian Chicken Tender Wrap
    Veggie Dumplings
    Also available: boardwalk fries, soft pretzels, peanuts, nachos, popcorn, Greek salad, fruit cup, falafel, veggie burrito, veggie burrito salad, fritas, cheese fries, pizza, veggie sushi, grilled cheese, mac& cheese
  • It's almost June and the Mariners have lost twice as many games at home as they've lost on the road. This would be close to expectations of this team being bad if not for the fact that they somehow have the best road record in baseball. Not sure how they're able to win as many games to start the season as they have at this point, but it seems like so far this season they're the biggest overachievers and are due for a fall back to earth since out of all of the teams with the better records in baseball (not used to saying that), they are the most flawed team with the worst overall roster.
  • well it looks like my cousin is back on that Mariners. From what I read he was released by the Rangers, and the Mariners picked him up again...

    so I guess I am no longer a Rangers fan
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    Giolito is pitching tonight, about a mile away from where I am right now. I sort of "have to" go, don't I?

    He's facing Matt Harvey. I saw Harvey pitch a few weeks ago. Nationals Park was about 25% filled with Mets fans there to support him, since he wasn't doing so well. The guy got pressured into pitching too many innings, too soon after Tommy John surgery. His velocity is way down, and this formerly dominant ace is getting hit hard, and it's sad. So the visiting fans chanted "Harrrrrr-veeeeeey!" as he warmed up, and when he first walked to the mound, and when he got his first strikeout. I thought it was embarrassing that there were all of these Mets fans, in OUR house, setting the tone.

    He was pulled a few innings later, roughed up, a loser. I stood up and chanted, "Harrrrrr-veeeeey!". The people I was with thought that was really mean. Hey, isn't that was you're supposed to do at a game? Taunt the visiting team? As opposed to sitting back and letting the visiting team fans taunt YOUR team?

    The stands in DC are really quiet and polite, most of the time. It's a little embarrassing, actually, it makes it look like we don't care. Well, I care! But I'm a quiet and polite person. I'm never going to be the one leading a cheer.

    Well, almost never.

    Going to a sporting event is expensive these days. The stands aren't filled with working class fans, being loud and abrasive and course. It's all people who have to get home early to tuck the kids in and get to work early to work on some super-important high-pressure task and they probably are checking their work e-mail on their phone all during the game. Things have changed.
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    I don't buy the whole Matt Harvey pitched too many innings last season criticism. To me it's a cop-out excuse and a cheap shot at the Mets organization.

    So the Angels are continuing to show how pathetic they are only more so. Honestly at this point so long as both Scioscia and Moreno are around I don't know if this team even deserves to be good (and I'm positive they won't be). Of course Arte won't sell the team anytime soon and Scioscia will continue to stick around at least until his contract is up. Guess I should get used to the Angels being the joke of the AL West.
  • F*cking Mariners falling back down to earth after their inexplicable early season run of pretending to be a good team. Time to sell off all of the so-called talent on this team still because this team reminds me of the Florida Marlins team (pre- Miami Marlins days) a few years back that were hot until June and then died. If the M's are going to be that level of atrocious the rest of the way, they might as well trade Seager, Cruz, and all of their established pitchers including dare I say King Felix (the M's are stuck with Cano's absurd contract). Maybe that will get them something to work with as far as a farm system goes until GM Shamwow Guy screws that part up.
  • Tread deadline came and went. Other than trading Wade Miley for a used diaper, the M's stood pat. As for the miley trade, not sure who won but considering that it's the M's making a trade, I'd say they lost the trade.
  • Not sure why the Mets signed failed NFL qb and fanatical religious zealot Tim Tebow to a minor league contreact. This seems like a move the Mariners would've made if Jack Z was still the GM.
  • It's truly a delight having Trea Turner up with the big club (Nationals). Harper is an amazing player but he's a punk. Trea is all smiles and enthusiasm and his incredible speed is literally a game-changer. The facet that I didn't anticipate: fielders have to rush plays, knowing that he'll wind up being safe if they don't hustle, and that has led directly to a few errors.
  • Playoffs are here. Toronto beat the Oreoles and the Giants beat the Mets in the play-in Wild Card games.
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    I'm kind of hoping the Cubs will finally win a world series this time, but we shall see.
    Anyone else notice this thread is far less active now?

    I guess that could have something to do with the community being less active overall as there are people I no longer see here that used to post in this thread.
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    I believe they can do it!!
  • The Cleveland name + mascot aren't nearly as gross as the Washington football team but it still makes me flinch (and makes my wife FURIOUS). They are the spunky underdog to most people (and the players are easy to root for) but I will be deeply disappointed / annoyed if they win.

    So, by default ... go Cubs?
    And seriously, unless you are from St. Louis, how could you have a problem with the Cubs winning?
  • I like the theory that Buck Showalter just conned every other playoff team into over-extending their closers for the past month, and now the Orioles will swoop in and win it all next year when every other bullpen shows up next year with dead arms.
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    I'm just happy my Cubs won last night. :) I am officially happy for the rest of my life.

    For Ernie Banks
    For Harry Caray
    For Ryne Sandberg
    For Ron Santo
    For Billy Williams
    For Bill Murray

    For all Cubs players and fans, past and present
    For all those still alive
    For all those that never got to witness this

    This "W" is for you.

    Go Cubs Go
  • Don't forget Greg Maddux! oh yeah, nm...The Braves.
  • no longer lovable losers, it's now okay to hate the Cubbies. next world series win is scheduled in the year 3535, if man is still alive
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    calloy said:

    no longer lovable losers, it's now okay to hate the Cubbies. next world series win is scheduled in the year 3535, if man is still alive

    That still is sooner than the Seattle Mariners making their first World Series appearance. With the current baseball format, they'll accidentally make (and lose) the play in wild card game once or twice between now and then. (Might as well take that losers title from the Cubs now since the M's are one of 2 teams to never reach a world series and theiy didn't have the 94 strike eliminate their shot like the Expos/Natinals did.)

    Also, congrats to the Cubs fans though they should've done the World Series with Will Farrell as Harry Carey doing all of the game commentary, possibly side by side with Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle from Major League. Such a missed opportunity considering the teams in the world series this year.
  • It looks like the White Sox are in fire sale mode with the trading of Chris Sale to Boston.

    Speaking of trades, The Mariners have traded Taijuan Walker to Arizona for a scrap heap of players in a trade that will come back to haunt the M's.
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    Schilling schnubbed by HOF for being a schmithead
  • calloy said:

    Schilling schnubbed by HOF for being a schmithead

    Good! He deserves to get the less than 5% of the vote that takes him off the ballot for good.
  • With the start of the Training Camp coming up soon-ish, some predictions for the 2017 season.

    AL East:
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Yankees
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Baltimore Orioles
    Tampa Bay Rays

    AL Central:
    Kansas City Royals
    Cleveland Indians
    Detroit Tigers
    Minnesota Twins
    Chicago White Sox

    AL West:
    Oakland A's
    Houston Astros
    California Angels
    Texas Rangers
    Seattle Mariners (will have the worst record in baseball by a wide margin)

    NL East:
    New York Mets
    Washington Natinals
    Miami Marlins
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Atlanta Braves

    NL Central:
    Chicago Cubs
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Cincinnati Reds
    Milwaukee Brewers

    NL West:
    San Francisco Giants
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Diego Padres
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Colorado Rockies

    AL east: Red Sox
    AL central: Royals
    AL West: A's
    Wild Card 1: Yankees
    Wild Card 2: Indians

    NL east: Mets
    NL central: Cubs
    NL west: Giants
    Wild Card 1: Dodgers
    Wild Card 2: Natinals

    AL champ: Red Sox
    NL champ: Cubs

    WS champ: Red Sox
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