2011(and beyond!) MLB thread.


  • Spring Training has started.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    Happy New Year!
    I'll be at the Nationals game today.
  • As a Mariners fan this whould've been at the start of Spring Training but it's relevant here.
  • M_Robbins5M_Robbins5 Road Warrior
    Pleasantly surprised by the Angels first week, but without improvement to the pitching I see no way they can remain competitive.
  • Surprised that Toronto has the fewest wins thus far this season. Even the lowly Mariners have more wins.

    Speaking of the Mariners, they have unveiled a statue of their only Hall of Famer that went in as a Mariner. Sadly, this will likely be their best highlight in this disaster of a season.
  • YUMMM!!!

    Though to be fair, eating grasshoppers seems to be a good distraction from this (yet another) dreadful season of Mariners Baseball.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    I'd try them, but my impression is that they are about half as tasty as potato chips with the same seasoning on them. But healthier (roasted + all protein instead of deep fried carbs).
  • Perhaps someone can make them closer to 75-80% as tasty as potato chips with the right herbs and spices. Either way, when in Rome or this case Safeco Field watching the atrocity that is Mariners baseball.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith

    I'd try them, but my impression is that they are about half as tasty as potato chips with the same seasoning on them. But healthier (roasted + all protein instead of deep fried carbs).

    Their texture of grasshoppers is too light and crispy for the denser part of the meat inside. I'm not a huge fan, even if it is technically healthier.
  • King Felix is on the DL. While a bad blow, between his diminished skills and the M's continuously being an atrocity to the sport of baseball make this situation less horrible than it would've been 5 years ago.
  • Not sure how the Mariners got back to .500 but it looks like they went right back to their norm after getting there.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    Wow, the Mariners really are a mess! They are here in DC and I watched them play my team yesterday. 4 of the 5 starting pitchers are on the DL? Ouch. From what I hear, their bullpen has been abused lately so they needed Christian Bergman to stay out there and take one for the team. After the 4th HR I was really feeling bad for him.

    I'll be at the game tonight, there's a Max Scherzer Snow Globe giveaway (it snows "K"s instead of flakes).
  • Hope the game was enjoyable.

    Yes, the Mariners are an atrocious mess. This year the injuries to the starting pitchers is the major issue though the rest of the roster is dreadful. This team should do what the Astros did years ago and trade anyone that can help on other clubs for prospects and draft picks for the future. They need to blow it all up and do an actual proper rebuild starting with trading all big name players before the trade deadline (they probably can't trade Cano due to his terrible salary). Sure the team will be an embarrassment for the sport of baseball but they already are at that point.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    Hey, you guys actually won yesterday (game started 9am Pacific Time, you may have missed it). Our bullpen is bad, and the M's took advantage. The Nats hitting is scary, and the M's shut them down. Their best game all month, maybe?
  • True but the M's winning even a game these days feels more like the analogy of a blind squirrel finding nuts than anything else. As good as they shockingly looked in Thursday's win, they looked like the same old atrocious M's the following day (then again they rarely won a game in Boston even when they were good in the late 90's to early 2000's).
  • M_Robbins5M_Robbins5 Road Warrior
    Not like they had a chance to begin with (to make the playoffs) but without Trout the Angels might just be the most pathetic team in all of baseball.
  • darkwinterbeast8darkwinterbeast8 Headliner
    edited June 9
    Not sure the California Angels are even the most pathetic team in their division (what with Texas and Oakland being bad so far this season and the Mariners being baseball's version of the Cleveland Browns). That being said the AL West not including Houston looks pretty atrocious so far this season.
  • Not sure how the most atrocious baseball franchise in existence was able to win 6 straight games with their dumpster fire of a roster but I'll take it while I can before the M's revert to their usual craptastic selves.
  • All-Star game has came and gone. Trade deadline is fast approaching though I'm not sure why the M's are so far trying to be buyers to get into the Wild Card race with such a flawed roster they currently have and nothing in their farm system, not to mention a losing record and they're behind 4 teams at the moment for that last wild card spot. They'd be better off being sellers than buyers this season since their roster is flawed and they have a zero percent chance at making the playoffs as they are right now. That being said they have some players that would help a different team's wild card push (Kyle Seager, Nelson Cruz, King Felix, Robinson Cano - though they'd have to pay a chunk of his salary for this to be worth it for other teams). It would make more sense than trading players from your farm system to St. Louis for a pitcher that was the odd one out of a struggling Cardinals staff. Also, the Mariners should be getting rid of players with the last name Phelps instead of acquiring them. Those lead to the very few Mariners trades that are good.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    Well at least you have this going for you.

    Study: Nobody hates the Mariners — and why would they?
  • darkwinterbeast8darkwinterbeast8 Headliner
    edited July 25
    That was definitely an interesting read. I do like how that reporter's theory on how that half a percent that voted the Mariners as the most hated team are most likely masochist hard core M's fans, much like myself. Seeing how the M's haven't made the playoffs 16 years and counting (no chance they make it this season regardless what GM Shamwow guy and his subordinates think), there is no reason for other baseball fans to hate the new lovable losers.
  • Indians have won 16 straight games, most wins in a row since the 2002 A's won 20 straight.
  • Its crazy enough that the Indians only have lost twice in the past month, though having a 22 game winning streak does help in that. The really surprising part is that one of those losses was last night vs the lowly Mariners, a team that is mathematically eliminated from every year's playoffs prior to the start of Spring Training (at least it always feels like they are).
  • While I was stuck fighting with the computer over my password, my wife was able to buy tickets to the Nationals / Cubs series. Game 1 AND Game 2 AND Game 5 (if necessary): wow!
  • Cool.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
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    Well that was a sad end to the season for the Nationals.
    If they had gone out in game 4, with Strasburg never taking the mound, that would have been a different kind of awful. More awful? Maybe. But so many mistakes yesterday.
    There's no convincing people in this town right now that making the playoffs regularly (and then always losing) is the sign of a healthy franchise. There can be only one winner ever year. It's a hard challenge. How many teams would be thrilled to have been in the playoffs at all?
    But this is a sad day. I might even be more upset to see how disillusioned that my wife is. She spent so many hours making amazing shirt and other articles of clothing for herself and for me out of baseball + Nationals themed fabric this year. We watched the game almost every night. The last day of the season (whenever it comes) it always sad. It's rarely quite this devastating, not most years, not for most teams.

    But ask Cubs fans, and Red Sox fans, what "always losing" truly means. It means decades. A century. And then, you win, and it turns not to have been "always".
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