Can't access DLC anymore.

perspixxperspixx Unsigned
edited February 2011 in The Beatles: Rock Band
I went to download some more songs for Beatles Rock Band on my Wii, but as soon as the song list came up, it booted me back to the game's main screen, saying that I couldn't connect to the DLC store because my Wii did not have any memory blocks available and that I had to delete something to make room... I checked and my Wii had over 800 blocks of memory available AND an SD card with over 30,000 blocks; I deleted some stuff to get up to 900 blocks and got the same message. Tried unplugging the Wii and plugging it back in, tried taking out the SD card... nothing... it can't be a system problem because I had no problems connecting to the store in Rock Band 3.

Has this happened to anybody else? Any solutions?
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