How can I find instructions on Authoring while creators is down?

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Hello! This is my first forum post here at RB. I just created my account today but have been playing (HOOKED ON actually) Rockband 3 for a few months. Love it.

I have a band as well as produce/ write/ record for other people so needless to say I'm VERY excited to port some tracks over to the RB format. I finally started looking into this today and am happy to see that Harmonix has made this possible.

BUT i noticed that is down. Does anyone know an alternate site where the "how to" is located? I was able to find this, but i'm not sure how accurate it is. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would make my day.

Couple of other quick questions hopefully someone can answer...

Are there any OSX programs to do this (magma etc) or will i have to run windows?
Is it possible to audition tracks in my PS3, or does this only work on Xbox?



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