A Day to Remember RBN Songs in RB2 Sorting Problem

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I'm not too sure if this is in the right forum, it's a tech issue although it has to do with the Rock Band Network.

System: Xbox 360
Game: Rock Band 2

Anyways, onto the problem. I currently have all of the RBN songs by A Day to Remember, like "Have Faith in Me", "I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?", "It's Complicated" and "All I Want". When I boot up Rock Band 2 and go to the Setlist (sorted by Artist), "A Day to Remember" as an artist pops up like three times! When I try to scroll beneath the second/third A Day to Remember, it does the infinite setlist scroll glitch just like the "Apples in Stereo" songs on the RBN. The cursor keeps going back up and as a result, I cannot move past those songs when sorting by Artist. Every other sorting works fine.

When I play these songs in Rock Band 3, there of course is no problem. I am annoyed by this because if I want to play RB2 again and want to get to songs beyond A Day to Remember (which is sorted under "A" instead of "D" on RB2) stuff, I have to re-sort and go from there. Annoying, yes. Any possibility of a fix? Or probably not? I know it's a small issue that's easily worked around, but I wanted to give people a heads-up about the glitch.
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