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im new to this. can anyone explain the difference between these 3? since im paying for DLC, i think i should know the difference before making a purchase. please and thanks.


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    I assume you are talking about the "Get More Songs" option from the main menu.

    Both choices are simply for purchasing downloadable songs to be played in Rock Band.

    "Rock Band Songs" are songs that were licensed, charted, and released by Harmonix (HMX) (often referred to as "official DLC"). The "Rock Band Network Songs" were put out through the Rock Band Network (RBN), a network that allows third parties and bands to add their own music to the game.

    Because the RBN does not have all the available tools of HMX, they do not have keys or pro guitar/bass/harmonies functionality (yet, coming soon though!) Most RBN songs have Pro drums.

    All songs from either store will play in RB3.
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