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frankieMARTfrankieMART Unsigned
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Sorry if this topic has been covered before, but as I'm sure some of you are aware, the Pro Drums tabbing for RBN songs is a very low quality, with toms being tabbeed as cymbals etc etc.

With this new update 2.0, will existing charts be repaired and made correct, or will they be left as is? Almost all of my RBN songs are charted wrong on PD, and it really frustrates me when playing!


  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
    edited March 2011
    The Pro Drums issues are because up until mid-summer nobody even knew it existed, and even then it could never be tested for.

    RBN songs can't be updated in place. If a song is going to be repaired, it has to be as a RB3 version, and that means you'd have to purchase it again. Some songs are getting that treatment, many probably will not.
  • OscarvariumOscarvarium Rising Star
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    Also, tom markers can now be checked in audition mode and should be caught by playtesters, so you shouldn't see any more incorrect charting for Pro Drums from this point onwards.
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