RockGamer Studios: The RBN 2.0 News & Announcements Thread

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Hey everyone,

This is the new thread to keep abreast of the latest goings-on at RockGamer Studios. We had an incredibly successful first year as the leading authoring group for the Rock Band Network, with over 230 songs officially released across a wide range of world-famous artists and emerging talents, and we're proud to keep that going with the launch of Rock Band Network 2.0.

In this thread you'll find information about songs we've announced that we're bringing to RBN 2.0, links to new preview videos as they go live, stories about our bands and labels, and anything and everything you will need to know!

As a reminder, if you're not already following us on all the different social networks, now's never been a better time to do so.

TWITTER: @RG_Studios

And of course, our website can be found at, including an up-to-date song database of everything released to date, as well as all the currently announced songs in playtesting.

If you're a member of a band or a label representative looking for the best in Rock Band Network authoring, please visit our Track Submission Page at for more information and a personalized quote.

Thanks for your interest and your support, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the most exciting Rock Band content out there!


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