Ban The Above Person


  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    Mom called, and said she's ashamed of you. She said that she taught you to ban better than this, and is now ban-ishing you to your room.
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    edited April 14
    I jumped out of my window, leaped over 3 hedges, tackled 5 guard poodles, ran down the street, swam through a golf-coarse pond, wrestled a duck, dove into a taxi, climbed into the baggage compartment of an airplane that kicked me out when they discovered I didn't have a ticket. Ended up on a remote island, found a bottle, put a note in it, tossed it into the ocean where it made it's way to your doorstep under very mysterious circumstances. The message was quite simple though water logged and smelling of sea weed. You are banned!
    ( I'm told if you hold the bottle to your ear, you can hear the ocean. :)
  • Banned for Forrest Gump-ing your last ban.
  • Banned for being too wild.
  • Banned for being a rocker instead of a mod.
  • Isn't that the story on one of the Who albums?
    Banned anyways.
  • Banned until Harmonix releases more Who DLC
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    Banned until HMX releases Dr. Who DLC.
  • Banned for making me want that really bad.
  • Banned for making me wonder what in the heck you catz are talking about.
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    Banned for being uninformed.
  • 420 ban
  • Belated 420 Ban
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