Last Beatles Album Standing (Game)

Logan812Logan812 Opening Act
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Hello everyone, this is a game idea I found on some other forum. Basically, every album starts with 10 points and you choose one album to add a point to and one album to take away a point from. Once an album reaches 0, it is eliminated and we continue until there's one album left (to sort of determine the forum's favorite album.)

I'll start.

Please Please Me: 10
With the Beatles: 10
A Hard Day's Night: 10
Beatles for Sell: 10
Help!: 10
Rubber Soul: 10
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: 11 (+1)
Magical Mystery Tour: 9 (-1)
White Album: 10
Yellow Submarine: 10
Let It Be: 10
Abbey Road: 10

BTW in case if anyone's wandering, you can only vote once per day if you want to vote again.


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