PSN AUS/NZ RBN for Mar8 unavailable?

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Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this but I wasn't sure which area to post it.

For several weeks now, the RB3 and RBN seem to keep getting delayed for release on the AUS/NZ PSN store.
The Rockband 3 songs for March 8th are up on the music store and PlayStation Network for Australia/New Zealand and have been for some time.

It is now March 15th and there is still no sign of the March 8th Rockband Network songs. In the music store "Currently unavailable" is displayed for all Mar 8 RBN tracks.

Anybody know which day the Aus/NZ PSN gets updated now and why the RBN tracks always seem to get updated a week after the RB3 tracks? It used to be Tuesdays but that doesn't seem to be right either.

I'm really wanting to get my hands on "Crooked Strings" by Kiev.
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