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Say Anything are a great band. Alive with the Glory of Love is their most popular song, I believe, and has great instrument tracks and harmonies to boot.

(Apart from the annoying intro, the rest of the song is really awesome. Give it a listen.)

They have a lot of good songs and it's sad that they're not in the game yet. D:
Any reasoning behind it? Or do people not share my taste in music? .__.


  • SeymourDuncan17SeymourDuncan17 Road Warrior
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    Along with The Fratellis and Paramore, my favorite bands of the last decade.

    Sadly, knowing my luck, we'll just get Alive With the Glory Of Love and that's it. It's actually one of my least favorite songs from them.

    Seriously, not having songs like Woe or Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat would be a crime. Especially Woe because of it's keys, harmonies and tons of great changes.
  • rev0ltrev0lt Unsigned
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    Count me in. I would pretty much buy everything from "...Is A Real Boy".
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