Crown The Empire and A Tragedy At Hand

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I messaged 2 authors about this but go no response. I was wondering if any authors would be interested it Giving these guys a shot. They Respond to Facebook and both of them have messaged me with interest In expanding their music to a game. They are both Unsigned, but have Studio Work done. Give them a listen. Crown The Empire is like Asking Alexandria, and A Tragedy At Hand, is basically pure harder, but they both have Keys and harmonies(or Clean and Unclean Vocals). I will link these, because I think they deserve some spots in here.

Crown The Empire

A Tragedy At Hand

-They have responded to every message I've left, they are very easy to get in touch with. Both Unsigned, I have one more band, thats acoustic, but I need to get in touch with him first, since hes my cousin and all. Both I would def love to see, Crown The Empire in here. They are amazing. and A Trag has alot of melody to them. Very worth it.

SO AUTHORS please take a look :D


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