Rodrigo y Gabriela Artist of the Month

SkodeSkode Headliner
edited March 2011 in The Rock Band Network
You all have to check this pair out. I was on the site here reading about their interview and thinking from looking at the picture of the band that "i know them from somewhere" yet clearly they are not an overly exposed pair of musicians in scotland haha.

Anyway from the interview page i clicked on the link to the song page for Hanuman and checked out the preview and then it clicked. The wife and i had been watching Hogmanay come in with Jools Holland (ie waiting for the bells on the 31st of december) when we watched this pair in a trance as they did their thing.

Consider this two song sales on the back them being artist of the month... Evile last time round and now Rodrigo y Gabriela. Im finally starting to agree with these artist of the month suggestions haha


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