The Big Rock Show with Ryan Roxie

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Hey! Wasn't sure of where to post this, but thought this forum would be a good place to promote this :)
I want to recommend that you check out this new swedish web show that is all about rock n´ roll. The first episode was put up on the website yesterday.
The host is the american guitarist Ryan Roxie (has played and written songs together with stars like Slash and Alice Cooper)
The video is available so that you can embed it onto your website and share it with everyone you know. The first guest is ZAKK WYLDE! l'll send you the shows information so you can read more closely about it :)

"'Big Rock Show with Ryan Roxie' is a new TV/web tv show that focuses on News, Interviews, and Videos from all your favorite 'guitar-driven' bands...
Whether it's Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk-Alternative, or anything else that sounds like chaos blaring through your TV or Computer speakers, Big Rock Show will be sure to cover it...
Ryan Roxie will be your Humble Host, and guarantees that the show will not only be entertaining, but educational as well!

On Big Rock Show, you'll get an 'inside' look at what drives and inspires your favorite rock stars to continue on that path toward the 'Stairway to Heaven' ....or 'Highway to Hell' as part of their candid and insightful interviews like you've never seen before....or at least not in a long time.....
Our debut season will be distributed by the good people of and our sponsors include Sweden Rock Festival, Ginza, Musikborsen, and Rock Star Energy Drink.
You will also get to see some extremly rare and unreleased videos as well as some of the all time classics...

It's got the power and technology of a current day Kiss concert, but the heart and soul of a Wayne's World episode....It's Fast, It's Furious, but at the same time-
Sit back. relax and enjoy the ride.....cause here comes the-
Big Rock Show!



PS. Stay tuned for exciting future announcements from Big Rock Show, and if YOU feel you have any great ideas or would like to contribute YOUR talents to the show- don't hesitate to get in touch at my email or just 'facebook' message me....I'm pretty reasonable look me in the eye, I'll do the same :-) [email][/email]"

Here is the link to their website :)
Sounds pretty awesome huh!?
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