Does anyone know the chances of any of these bands getting into RBN or DLC?

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Lamb Of God
As I Lay Dying

At the same time, more from:
All That Remains



  • GNFfhqwhgadsGNFfhqwhgads 99% Washed Up
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    Should I assign a random number value to them, or...?

    Take a guess. Bands that we have already probably have a higher chance than those we don't have. We don't know licensing details. We don't know how much content Harmonix may be holding back.
  • ArcanonArcanon Rising Star
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    No one can say for sure. They may be coming, or they may not.

    If you want them in RBN, contact the bands and tell them about it. RBN is made up of bands/labels that chose to be in the game. Inform them, direct them to an authoring group, and you'll have better chances of seeing them in the game.

    No one on the forum will be able to say for sure what's coming if it hasn't already been announced.
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    In the case of the bigger bands it might behoove you to contact the labels instead of the bands ;)
  • KEWBKEWB Road Warrior
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    4 of the 6 bands you mentioned already have songs in the RB library (although they all just have 1 song each), so odds are moderately good we'll see some more in the future. The other two seem like pretty likely to show up eventually as well given their popularity.
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