Free As a Bird

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I'm not so sure if any more DLC is going to be created, and this isn't really a request thread... it's more of an "If you do make Free As a Bird" thread, just pretty much for what I personally think should be displayed in-game (that sounded pretentious).

February - March, 1994
Paul McCartney's Home Studio

(Screen is black, first bits of song are heard as screen fades in)
(John, Paul, George and Ringo are seen in studio, each at their respective instruments; John is transparent and the rest of The Beatles are aged)
Aside from this, it would be "flashbacks"... just photos of The Beatles, whether from in-game or otherwise. Showing them on the Ed Sullivan Show, showing Sgt. Pepper's, showing Abbey Road, the last concert on the roof of the Apple building. The song would end with a close-up of John, smiling, as the screen fades to white.

And there is my very vague "description".


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