Blue (Da Ba Dee) Issue

gsu_eagle_31049gsu_eagle_31049 Unsigned
edited March 2011 in The Rock Band Network
I have an "early adoption" issue with Blue (Da Ba Dee).

Even though it is the first RBN 2.0 song, somehow when I downloaded it on March 17, it saved itself to Rock Band 2's file folder on the Xbox 360 instead of Rock Band 3's, because XBLM has it listed as RB2 content rather than RB3. Additionally, the song appears within RB2's Tour mode as a single-song setlist (as if were an on-disc song), even though the song is not compatible with RB2.

I tried deleting the song and redownloading it, hoping it would save to the proper folder; however, it solves nothing.

If someone's already posted about this issue, please forward me to the appropriate thread.


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