Single White Infidel Is Giving Free Punk Rock Away.

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I don't post here all that often (ever?) but I got this crazy idea that just might launch me into the b-list internet celebrity status I've always dreamed of but have yet to attain.

I'mma do a contest!

So I printed out a bunch of these download codes to give away at PAX East 2011, and while I gave them out, only... Well. A small percentage ever got actually redeemed. And they're generated and I can't un-generate them. So I'm FREECYCLING THEM (I think...?) into contest prizes to try and nurture my fledgling fanbase into a true blue rabid cult.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Take a picture of your screen after you beat a Single White Infidel song of your choice on any instrument of your choice.
2. Somehow alert me to the picture. This should be easy to do, as I am on Twitter at @weffjebster, facebook at, and... Well I'm here, aren't I? I'll just subscribe to this thread or whatever to make sure I don't forget.
3. Give me a way to privately send you a download code -- these things are one-time use so I don't want anyone ganking your well-earned punk rock.

I only have so many of these things, so get in on this wonderful opportunity to freeload without guilt before it's too late!


--S W I


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