Dallas/Ft. Worth: "Video Game Night"

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For any players in the DFW area, the Roanoke Public Library is hosting a Video Game Night April 29, 6pm-10pm.

We have 4 360 systems playing Halo Reach, Kinect Sports, Rock Band 3, and will also have a Wii set up with Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and other games.

We'll be having two tournaments: Grifball for teams, and Rock Band 3 for individuals. (We will be giving away a Pro Guitar as 1st prize for the RB3 tournament!!)

The event is entirely FREE, and there will be pizza!

For more info, call the library at 817-491-2691 and ask for "LibraryDrone"

You can also RSVP online
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