Don Tetto coming to RBN

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*Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I have no idea where to put it since I don't frequent the forums other than to check DLC announcements*

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA (April 7, 2011) - The Colombian band Don Tetto continues making milestones in innovation with an alternative way to promote their songs.

Starting in the month of June two songs will be available to download globally on the Rock Band platform.

Two songs from their first album, "Fallido Intento" and "Adicto Al Dolor", will be available to be downloaded via Xbox across the globe. These two songs were big successes from their debut album "Lo Que No Sabias".

*Don't feel like translating the rest as i suck at translating and I'm sure I did a bad job even with the portion I did translate.*

Here is a video of the gameplay of one of the songs coming our way:


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