Let's Record Some Covers! Expert Pro/Hard Players Wanted...

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If anyone would like to join me in recording some covers, I'd be willing to put some songs together. What we would do is individually record your performance of expert pro instruments so that I have a separate track of your performance which I will edit into a full mix track with other instruments.

Here's an example...Sister Christian
And another...Cold as Ice

Those are missing a guitar player (and bass) but has vocals, keys, and drums recorded separately and re-mixed with the RB guitar, bass, and background tracks.

Requirements: The ability to record your performance in isolation. Recording the game screen while playing is not necessary, but would be nice to add the track to the video. At a minimum, however, you should record video of either the RB3 game output, or your performance on the instrument (i.e. your hands on the keys, guitar, playing the drums, or singing.)

You'll obviously need a drum kit, keyboard, or guitar that can output actual sound--as opposed to the stock RB kit, mustang, or keyboard.

You'll need to record your track and upload it to a site so that I can download the clip. YouTube should work just fine. I don't want to get into emailing large files.

I'll gather all the performances for whatever song we choose, and edit the final mix. I'll be able to play drums, keys, or vocals but am strongest at drums. If you're interested and can meet the requirements, post here and we'll get an interest list going. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.

If you can play bass and can record along with the RB3 gameplay, we could get a complete band cover! And would love a vocalist with some friends who can get a full harmony track going!
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