Radio Rock Band Fan !

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Hi plastic Rock players !

The French community Rock Band Fan create a web radio : the "Radio Rock Band" !

A member of the community, Kabukiman, put this on for rock lovers (and Rock Band lovers :p) like us. The theme is clear : all songs in Rock Band are in the radio ! Currently all songs on-disc are available, and approximately 75% of DLC.
In addition to this, "specials" are scheduled on Monday (9pm), Wednesday (6pm) and Sunday (11am), Paris time (GMT +1). Themes are chosen by community members, this week, for example, it's Tool and A Perfect Circle who are in the spotlight, last week was the Foo Fighters for the release of Wasting Light.

If you want to listen the radio, you can go on our website :
You can also go on the radionomy page :, or the pop-up :
The radio is also available on iTunes in category Hard Rock/Metal (and for iPod/iPhone).

Thanks to you, and maybe see you later on the Rock Band Fan Radio !
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