Footloose and Fancy Free by Bill Bruford's Earthworks - Does this song have a future?

JupiahJupiah Unsigned
edited April 2011 in The Rock Band Network
I was searching youtube for RBN previews and came across this fantastic jazz song, but it's not in the in-game store. A few minutes of investigation and I've discovered that the song was pulled for some legal reason, not sure what exactly, but that it's still available for purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Except, it's not. It has a page on the marketplace, but attempting to actually buy it only gives me the message that "this offer is not available in your region or has expired."

Is there any chance that the legal issues will be worked out and this song might return to the marketplace? Or any chance that it might get picked up again for a RBN 2.0 upgrade and rerelease (this song *needs* keys and pro keys)? Or am I resigned to regret not getting into the RBN early and missing out on this great song forever?


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