The RBN-Band "Daas Bosh" needs your help Rock Band Players!

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We from the Rock Band Network-band "Daas Bosh" are competing in a music contest called Metro On Stage, organized by the free swedish newspaper "Metro".

The band with most votes has the best chance to win the competition!
The winner will be playing at the swedish festival Way Out West this summer, get a signing contract and around 500000$ in sponsors! :rolleyes:

If you want to help us produce more music and release it to Rock Band Network, Itunes, Spotify and even real CD's then follow these FAST and SIMPLE steps:

1st Go to

2nd Click on Login in the top right corner, then "Login with Facebook/Twitter or create an account"

3rd Then, click on the green heart, and you will vote for us! THANK YOU! :D

So please spend 2 minutes of your life to make our dreams come true! It means alot if you help us! NOTE: The Facebook like button wont make a vote, you have to press the green heart after you signed in

Also "The Birth/As Long As I Can Say (RBN Edition)" will soon arrive to the Network!

//Daas Bosh


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